Weddings at St Mary's

Getting Married?

St Mary's is a beautiful place for a wedding, and we will be delighted to welcome you here for yours. Your first step should be to speak to the Vicar, Revd Paul Jackson, who will be delighted to talk to you. Revd Paul will explain the residence requirements which you must meet to get married in church. By and large you will need to have a good connection with the parish; but the regulations are quite complicated. There are fees to be paid of course.

If he is able to marry you, the Vicar, who is also the Registrar, will meet you to discuss your plans and help you to tailor the service to suit your individual wishes. He will arrange for the Banns to be called on three Sundays before the day of your ceremony.

The Church of England has a lovely website devoted to weddings. Click here to go to the wedding website.

A Religious Blessing after your Civil Ceremony?

There are many good reasons why a couple might choose to have a civil wedding rather than a church wedding. If you have decided on a civil ceremony, perhaps at the Mallyan Spout Hotel, but would like your marriage to have a religious dimension, you could have a Blessing at St Mary's afterwards. We would love to welcome you to such a service.

Our Vicar, Revd Paul Jackson will be delighted to talk to you (see 'Contact Us').

Looking to reaffirm your vows?

Over the years, a number of couples have returned to St Mary's to reaffirm their marriage vows — to redefine their marriage, perhaps after a difficult period; for a significant anniversary; or simply to reaffirm their love and commitment and to celebrate what they have achieved.

If you wish to reaffirm your vows at St Mary's you should first speak to our Vicar, Revd Paul Jackson who will be delighted to talk to you (see 'Contact Us')

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