Mouse hunting at St Mary's

A 'Mouse Trail' sheet is available in church for you to follow. The postcard shown here is available too. As a puzzle, the numbers on the postcard do not match the order used in the mouse trail. The key is given in the table.

The mouse which you can feel but not see is on the window side of the flower box on the north-west windowsill. If you wish to stand on the bench to feel it, please take your shoes off first! The mouse illustrated on the tour page is none of those listed, but on a plate stand which is kept in the vestry.

Mouse Trail number Location Postcard number
1 Main entrance door 1
3 Wooden war memorial plaque 2
8 Reredos* second boss top left (½ only!) 3
6 Credence table 4
10 Exterior of outer vestry door (outside church) 5
7 Altar 6
4 Interior vestry door 7
5 Altar rail 8
2 Book cupboard near main door 9
9 Reredos* behind the old stone altar 10

*The reredos is the carved wooden screen covering the wall behind the altar.

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